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Aug 29

Repaving Project Begins

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This time last year the construction of a new 54” sanitary sewer pipeline began on Turtle Creek Blvd. at Maple Ave., continuing upstream to Cedar Springs Rd.  Neighbors in that area have been inconvenienced and aggravated by the noise and mess, just to learn that the contract with Dallas Water Utilities only provided for paving over the pipe ditch.  The Turtle Creek Association joined forces with neighborhood associations, concerned citizens and local businesses to request that the City repave the entire boulevard curb-to-curb.
Photo-Left  Turtle Creek Blvd. at Maple St.

Thanks to Councilman Philip Kingston and approval by the Dallas City Council, the entire street will be repaved from Maple Ave. to Gillespie St., and construction has already commenced.  A 100% concrete surface is being poured with new curbs, one side at a time.

Photo-Right  Turtle Creek Blvd. at Fairmount St.

TCA President/CEO, Jon Beasley has met with the paving subcontractors, Steve & Raul Solis.  They have advised that during construction, Turtle Creek Blvd. traffic will be detoured one way or temporarily closed in some sections.  This extensive repaving project will take months to complete, followed by restoration of the landscape by the TCA during the 2014-2015 planting season.
While construction is underway, we ask for your patience and understanding while the TCA focuses on the finished product.  Please feel free to contact us by clicking HERE or calling 214.526.2800.


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