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Mar 15

Calling All Creek Detectives!

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Sometime early in the morning of Sunday, March 10th or Monday, March 11th, a wayward vehicle coming down Gilbert Ave. decided rather than turn left or right onto Turtle Creek Blvd. to instead head straight into William B. Dean Park.  The result was a tremendous amount of damage to our beautiful landscape!

The paint color of the vehicle is midnight blue, and we can't quite ID the make or model from the parts, but it looks like a small car with low clearance to the ground.

There is damage to the irrigation, sod, raised color bed, metal edging, and the mature holly and azalea shrubbery. In a word...a mess!  The cost of restoration of the site exceeds $2,000.

Our calls to the Dallas Police Department have not yielded the owner of the vehicle or any responsible party.  If anyone out there has seen anything that could help, please contact the Turtle Creek Association office at 214.526.2800.


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