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Jan 23

Park & Median Improvements Are Underway

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The Turtle Creek Association, in partnership with the Dallas Park & Recreation Department participates in a multi-year program to systematically replace plantings that have exceeded their maturity with new water-wise varieties.Bowen_Azaleas.jpg

Two years ago we began this program along Turtle Creek at Maple Ave., and yesterday we continued the plan at Bowen St. The 40 year-old azalea hedge had suffered the past few seasons and begun to die, so it has been removed. It will be replaced with 750 new Encore Amber variety azaleas purchased by the Turtle Creek Association. The new variety is sun tolerant, cold hardy and blooms nearly year-round.Cariss_Holly012214.jpg

Just across the street, TCA contractor Good Earth Landscape restored the median landscaping with 45 Carissa Holly plants in an area damaged during last month's ice storm.  This is a new variety to our median landscape design...dense, mounding and evergreen, this holly is drought resistant and freeze hardy to withstand the battle conditions of life in the harsh reality of the boulevard.  The Carissa Holly is one tough plant! 

We will be doing more planting along the medians in the coming weeks.  In 2013 over $42,000 in new plants were given to the City of Dallas by the TCA to make the Turtle Creek corridor a more beautiful place to live, work and play. 

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