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Aug 30

Welcome to Our New Website!

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567018.jpgFor some time the Turtle Creek Association's website has needed a facelift, or outright major surgery.  Time and technology had passed us by.  So, last December we went to Michael Wilson at with a laundry list of what our new website should look like and be able to do.

For the past eight months the creative team at the TCA has spent hundreds of hours designing the new site, entering new content and transferring archival information from the old site.  Under the capable and patient direction of liveSite architect, Chris Davidson, our team has done their best to anticipate every application, bell and whistle for the new site.  Our thanks go out to Chris along with TCA Executive Assistant, Carolyn Brunkenhoefer, and TCA member/volunteers Mark Morgan and Rick Turner for their creativity, tech savvy and just plain hard work to get the job done.

Here are some new features to look for...

  • Configuration for your mobile device
  • Quicklinks to your social network - Facebook, LinkedIn & YouTube
  • New sitewide search feature
  • New Gift Shop with added security for online purchases of memberships, renewals and tickets
  • High resolution, large format images and dynamic photo gallery
  • A new section about the Turtle Creek neighborhood including our History, Community Partners and Corridor Map
  • Enhanced calendar of events and expanded information on Event Pages
  • Quicklink to your personal calendar
  • New Press section to follow the TCA in the news
  • New blog open to comment by members and friends of the TCA

In addition, we have changed our email server to Google and have been awarded a grant for the new Google for Non-Profit Apps, providing us with maximum web presence and Google AdWords online advertising.  Our exposure on the Internet has also been expanded to include Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube, so be sure to like us, follow us and tune-in!

Our new website is dynamic-by-design.  The TCA's creative team will be making enhancements, posting to the blog, announcing upcoming events and expanding our audience from now on.  So, please bookmark the Turtle Creek Association's new website and return to visit us often.


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Added by cherr

Jon & Carolyn:

The new website looks wonderful, easy to navigate. Good job!
Added by Horace Anson (Pat) Baker Jr

Our new website looks great and is long overdue. Hope it gets lots of good use and provides instant communication with our membership.
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