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Jun 21

What's New at TCA

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Turtle Creek Blvd Medians:  

The TCA Board recently approved funds to upgrade 5 medians.  The work includes irrigation conversion to drip lines to conserve water usage and reduce overspray.  We've carefully chosen plants and trees for the medians that are well-adapted to the urban environment.   The Boulevards selected for this first phase of work are:

  • Blackburn and Turtle Creek Blvd
  • Lemmon and Turtle Creek Blvd
  • 3500 Turtle Creek Blvd
  • 3800 Turtle Creek Blvd
  • 3831 Turtle Creek Blvd 

Did you know the medians offer several benefits:

Safety—medians separate lanes of oncoming traffic and provide refuge for pedestrians.

Environmental—landscaped medians incorporate trees and other plantings that help reduce the urban heat island effect, keeping Dallas cooler. Native species planted in the medians provide food, water and shelter to birds and insects.

Storm water management—medians collect and store storm water, reducing the amount that enters storm sewers.

Aesthetics—median plantings and architectural elements contribute to the identity and beautification of Dallas and its neighborhoods. The landscaped medians along Turtle Creek Blvd enhance a valuable natural resource for all who drive, walk or jog along Turtle Creek.   

Landscaped median maintenance, repairs and renovations are paid for by TCA.  Best Management Practices are being incorporated into keeping the soil, plants and trees healthy and viable. Additionally, the incorporation of permanent plantings in all medians will aid in providing more efficient maintenance activities.


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