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Mar 21

Wildlife Rehab Center Facing Closure Due to Money Woes

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Longtime TCA member Lee Bailey sent us an email about Kathy Rogers of the Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.  Lee reached out to Kathy last year to help rehabilitate Ziggy, her beloved Black Australian Swan after surgery to repair an injured wing.  Lee writes...

I received several calls about a story Channel 8 (Lynn St. James) ran.  She profiled Kathy Rodgers, her rescue work and refuge.  The refuge is non-profit and only operates through donations, which only about 10% of those dropping off birds make.  She must be on family land, as she has no debt, other than operating expenses, and has personally picked up any shortages for almost 20 years.
The need for rescue services has grown to such an extent that Kathy can no longer fill the void and may have to close, or limit, her services.  The “kids” (swans Ziggy & Odie) and I would appreciate any mention the TCA might deem to be appropriate.
Thanks, Jon.

Lee Bailey

We are happy to spread Lee's message with hopes that Kathy will find the funds to continue her mission to rehabilitate wild birds.  You may contact Kathy Rogers by clicking HERE.

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