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Dec 27

Turtle Creek Trail Reopens!

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Plans are underway for an official ribbon-cutting ceremony, but until that event is announced, Turtle Creek Trail is now open downstream of Bowen Street for your enjoyment.  Closed nearly three years ago for safety after a flash flood washed-away a portion of the board- walk near Cedar Springs Road, the new trail is a generous gift of the Perot Family.

New vistas have been opened with the removal of one bridge and the construction of a new one at the foot of Gillespie St.  Dallas Park & Recreation Department has cleared the underbrush and dead trees in the area to improve safety and manage the homeless population.  Shown in this "Before" photo are Jeremy McMahon, Jeremy Dungan, Michael Turner and Dwight Dykman of the Dallas Park & Recreation Department inspecting the area in preparation for their maintenance crew.  Many thanks to Dwight and his team for making the trail accessible once again.Before_After112313.jpg

Turtle Creek Trail is 2.1 miles long extending from Stonebridge Dr. down- stream to Reverchon Park.  The trail, while not ADA or bike compatible, provides hikers, joggers and dog lovers an intimate connection to Turtle Creek.  Connections to the Katy Trail are in Reverchon Park, and on Hall St. and Blackburn St.  Please take time to discover Turtle Creek Trail, and experience the natural beauty of this wonderful neighborhood treasure.

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