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Jun 20

Kimberly Clark Joins the TCA Team

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On June 2nd the newest member of Team TCA came aboard as our Community Liaison.  Kim Clark takes on a new role to help with membership communications and administration, event planning, community relations and marketing.  She brings to the Turtle Creek Association years of experience with the Museum of Nature & Science at Fair Park and top national ad agency, TracyLocke.  Kim also serves on the Board of Directors of non-profit Youth Believing in Change and as an officer of the PTSA of Booker T. Washington High School for the Visual & Performing Arts.

Join us in welcoming Kim, and at the same time give a standing ovation for Carolyn Brunkenhoefer and her years of service to the TCA.  Carolyn is devoting maximum time to her family and home, and we will miss her greatly.

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