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Oct 08

1909 Turtle Creek Postcard

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It was a hot afternoon on July 12, 1909 when Elsie Brown took a dull pencil and jotted a note to her friend Sarah Clark…

1909-post-card-back-cropped-web.jpgHello Sarah how are you?  I got your postal a few days ago.  Belle and Dicy are coming to see us tomorrow.  Did Jim and John get Gillespie’s postals?  ans. soon.
Elsie Brown
I was proud of your post card.

Elsie addressed the post card…

Miss Sarah Clark
R. F. D # 1
Kaufman, Texas

Then Elsie licked a one cent U.S. postage stamp and dropped the card in the corner mail box. 

Not only was Elsie Brown proud of the post card, but so was Sarah Brown.  Sarah kept it for a long time until she gave it to a favorite niece, who in turn gave it to her daughter, June Bayne.  Now 104 years later, this wonderful piece of Turtle Creek history has found its way to the Turtle Creek Association archives.

This scene of Turtle Creek may have been captured in what is now William B. Dean Park.  Founded just four years after Elsie mailed the post card from Dallas, Dean Park is celebrating her 100th Anniversary.  1909-post-card-front-cropped-web.jpgHome to the Kalita Humphreys Theater, designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1959, Dean Park has been adopted by the Turtle Creek Association for improvement and enhancement in cooperation with the Dallas Park & Recreation Department.

Many thanks to Turtle Creek Association members, June & Jim Bayne for sharing this Turtle Creek treasure with us.  Both Elsie Brown and June’s Great Aunt Sarah would be proud.

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