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Oct 11

The Reviews are In - 2020 Virtual Tour is a huge success!

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The reviews are pouring in from our virtual tour of homes, here's what people are saying about the show:
- "Oh Wow, congratulations on pulling off a first class show! I had no idea this is what you guys were doing! Again Congrats!"
- "Fabulous!!! Stunning...I had a sense of escape and peach while watching it."
- "Wow, what a fantastic video with so many beautiful homes. Very impressive, y'all did a great job!"
- "I love this...amazing job guys!"
- "You knocked it out of the park with this one."
- "TCA gets the award for the ultimate "Turning lemons into Lemonade" award. Seriously nice job, congratulations!"
- "Nicely done, truly enjoyed the tour!"
- "Video tour was SO FANTASTIC - I think you should permanently convert to virtual!!! Charcuterie platters are LIGHTS OUT! I'm gonna make a point to eat @ Salum 5 times between now and end of 2020. Abraham is a Saint!!!!"
- "Cue the ducks...Let's get on with the SHOW! It was so exciting, absolutely loved it!"
- "Wow...just WOW!"
- "JD, I just now had a chance to watch the virtual tour and it is fabulous! So proud of what you did Mr. Executive Producer. Congratulations!"
And my personal favorite:
- "The creative mind behind this event is damn good at what they do, I haven't seen this much buzz about the Turtle Creek Association in a long time and it's such an iconic organization for this town and I'm so glad to see it coming back in such a big way. Congratulations!"
Many had suggested we cancel the event, they felt the risk was too high to the organization. Instead, Covid-19 forced us to think definitely and find a creative way to raise the money we need to ensure the Turtle Creek Corridor continues to be a highly desired place to work, live and play!
I personally want to thank the TCA board for allowing us to take a risk. To our sponsors, again we cannot begin to express how much we appreciate your continued support of the Turtle Creek Association. Even during the uncertainty of 2020, everyone of you hung in there with us. Thank you so much! We are humbled by your generosity and grateful for your commitment.
The final tally isn't in yet (we're actually still selling tickets due to the buzz the show has caused), but as of this afternoon it looks like gross proceeds will exceed $125,000. For comparison, last year's tour (considered a success) grossed approximately $90,000.
If you missed the show, tickets can still be purchased at
Again, thank you!

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