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Annual Campaign


The Turtle Creek Association Annual Campaign, like that of most non-profit annual campaigns, is an end-of-year giving opportunity separate from membership. While membership revenue is the bread and butter of organizations like ours, many non-profits rely on additional end-of-year giving to supplement their budget and enhance the services they can provide.

The Annual Campaign also offers – the Legacy Society -- this provides for sustained giving. The Legacy Society was established in 2011 in recognition of the sustained giving of Ann Swisher and Michael McGehee. Legacy Society giving can be made at two levels:

 Founders Level -- $5,000/year for 3 consecutive years; or

 Benefactors Level -- $1,000/year for 5 consecutive years.

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Turtle Creek Association Board Member, Don McDermett, noted, “Participation in the Legacy Society will help the organization more strategically plan for the future. The commitment of on-going resources is necessary for Turtle Creek Association to plan for long-term projects, which is why I’m happy to contribute at the Founders Level.”

Funds raised thTurtle_Creek_Fall_2013_008.JPGrough the Legacy Society and our Annual Campaign will be used to enhance the Turtle Creek corridor with more seasonal color in the boulevard medians.  We will also focus on the removal of unsightly graffiti along the Turtle Creek Trail.  In addition, the Turtle Creek Association will team with City planners and neighbors on a safety initiative to improve the congested intersection of Lemmon Ave. at Turtle Creek Blvd.

“These projects will enhance the beauty of Turtle Creek,” commented Campaign Chair, Garry Cox. “Improvements to pedestrian safety where Lemmon Ave. crosses Turtle Creek will increase walkability and slow traffic, while improving the aesthetics of our neighborhood.  The paint-on-paint solution to graffiti along Turtle Creek needs to be removed and the surface treated with a paint-resistant coating.  New color beds along the boulevards will be more welcoming to Turtle Creek residents and visitors alike,” Cox added.